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Hans Corporation Limited was established in 2009 as a modern fertilizer enterprise. The company focuses on various aspects such as research and development, production, sales, and services. It is recognized as one of the leading suppliers of organic and inorganic fertilizers.

Hans Corporation Limited operates in two main departments. The first is the export department, which caters to the needs of foreign customers. This department handles everything from identifying customer demands to addressing any post-sale queries.

The second department is the domestic department, which maintains close relationships with cooperating factories. This department ensures the quality of products and ensures timely delivery. The export department consists of experienced individuals with over a decade of international trading experience. They are well-equipped to provide the best services to customers.

On the other hand, the domestic department’s technologists have over twenty years of experience in the Chinese fertilizer industry. They possess extensive knowledge of the industry, making them capable of providing the most suitable products and services. By combining the expertise of both departments, Hans Corporation Limited forms a strong team dedicated to offering the most suitable products and services to its customers.  

Quality Management

Hans, being an ISO9001 certified enterprise, has implemented a comprehensive Quality Control management system that covers all aspects of product development, from research and development, design, production, packaging, and transportation, ensuring the delivery of top-notch products and services to meet the diverse needs of customers worldwide.  

All Types of Fertilizer to Support Your Project and Business

With over 20 years of experience in the fertilizer industry, Hans, a reputable fertilizer manufacturer and factory in China, is capable of providing tailored solutions for your specific fertilizer needs. Simply communicate your preferred fertilizer requirements, and we will promptly offer you a customized solution, considering factors such as quantity and design, according to your requests.  

Npk Fertilizer Powder

China is a professional manufacturer of Npk granular and powder, offering various technologies to cater to your specific requirements.  

Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer

Calcium nitrate professional manufacturer in China ,fast shipping.

Npk Fertilizer Powder

Calcium ammonium nitrate with Boron or without Boron, white color or yellow color.

Potassium Humate Fertilizer

Potassium Humate different types like granular, powder ,flake

Potassium Sulphate Fertilizer

Potassium Sulphate 50% and 52% powder and granular .

Why Hans is Trusted by Global Leading Brand Over 1000 Clients

Over 20 Years Fertilizer Manufacturing Experience

Hans has over 20 years experience in the fertilizer manufacturing, we can supply you any types of fertilizer for your projects.

Automatic Fertilizer Production Line

Hans has advanced automatic fertilizer production line, so we can ensure your orders even in peak season.

Advanced Transportation Team

Hans has a strong transportation in China domestic and for your shipping , we could give you the best way with lowest cost .

CNAS Lab Certification

All our fertilizer can meet the Cnas lab certifications, and all our standard fertilizer have passed the ISO certification, if you need to custom new fertilizer testing, we can also do the testing for you.

Professional Exporting Team

Hans has a professional exporting team for more than 10 years , could give you best suggestion for the import and shipping

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