What is Stress Relief Massage?

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What is Stress Relief Massage?

Sensual massage, also referred to as sexy or erotic massage, is a well-established technique where a person provides a massage on the sexually sensitive areas of others to heighten sexual arousal or induce sexual excitement. This form of massage has a rich history, as it stems from the long-standing tradition of medicinal massage techniques and its evolution for erotic purposes over time.  

Massage term

Music : blowing, commonly known as: 0.5 service, public price of massage: 1000 yuan.Popcorn : Commonly known as: mouth pop, music performance only to experience popcorn.

Sports : S, public price for massage: 3,000 yuan.

Package : package activities, below the public price wallet includes sports services, the younger sister will do the promotion by herself —> package beautician

69 : The heads of both parties serve each other in each other’s private places.

Prime stock : Both parties rub each other with their genitals.

Dulong : My sister drilled your asshole with her tongue.

Scarlet letter : The beautician came to see the red on the day of menstruation.

Blue text : The beautician’s menstruation has not come.

Small box : The basic hours of the box are 4 hours, and the beautician can accompany you for 4 hours. Example of fee calculation method: 2500*4=10,000 .

The whole audience : Refers to buying up all the working hours of the beautician that day. Example of cost calculation method: 2500*working hours of the beautician .

Going out : Not only in-store consumption but also out-of-home services. If you want to go out, you need to buy two basic hours!

Men’s stress relief center

Taipei massage is mainly located in Zhongshan District, and the pressure relief price is mainly 2600~2800.

The difference between “Men’s Stress Relief Club” and “Health Care Center”.

The “Men’s Stress Relief Club” and the “Health Care Center” are two different entities that cater to distinct purposes. The “Men’s Stress Relief Club” is a social support group aimed specifically at providing stress relief techniques and support for men. It serves as a safe space for men to share their concerns, experiences, and emotions related to stress. In this club, members can engage in various activities and discussions designed to promote relaxation, mental well-being, and overall stress reduction. The focus here is on creating a supportive community where men can find solace, share coping mechanisms, and learn from one another.

The “Shu Ya Club” boasts beauticians who are all certified by MIT, and their age ranges from 18 to 30. This pressure-relieving clubhouse offers a superior and more comfortable environment. Each private room is equipped with its own bathroom and exclusive entrance, ensuring your safety and creating a high-quality and relaxing ambiance.  

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